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Sabbatical Return

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A few days in Lousianna

Megan and I just spent a few days in Baton Rouge, Lousianna, at a conference with Paul Scanlon (     First, the conference…it was a great time learning from Paul Scanlon (pic above…not the best picture as we were

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Yikes…2 weeks!

I can’t believe it’s only 2 weeks before I’m back at Pathway! To say I’m excited to get back to things would be an understatement. This time off has been over the top…amazing…timely…dream inspiring…did I say amazing? Really…every pastor needs

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Lighter side of Sabbatical Part 3 – It’s a Small World to Pinocchio

Warning – this is a long post…if you’d like to read about my shorts falling down, read on…you were warned… This Lighter Side actually happened a month ago when we were hanging out at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. Didn’t realize it,

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Lighter Side of Sabbatical Part 2 – The Cracker Barrel Incident

I think it was Keith (Grabill) that reminded me the other day how there’s typically always a few funny moments from every traveling adventure for the Miller family. Here’s probably the most awkward: It’s a wonder Cracker Barrel didn’t run

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Last Quarter of Sabbatical

Have a real sense of being in the last quarter of this Sabbatical. I’ve been working on this one post for about 20 minutes now, trying to define what I mean by that (typing, erasing, typing, erasing, etc.)…but I can’t

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The Lighter Side of Sabbatical Part 1

And now (as if you’d asked) let me share with you a few lighter sides of sabbatical…as opposed to heavier sides of Sabbtical…which I guess I’ve already shared from… How about this video…my girls wanted me to try to grow

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Pathway Part 2

Further thought…When I say I miss Pathway, I mean more than just our Sunday morning gathering…I miss the fellowship!  I miss the interaction with all of the people!  No one prepared me for the feeling of disconnection you’ll feel when

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Final Thoughts from Pittsburgh/Skinning a cat

Monday night late…It’s really strange to wake up in one city, and go to sleep in another.  Woke up this morning in downtown Pittsburgh, going to sleep in downtown Middlebury.  Traded a view of PNC park – home of the

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Absolutely Floored

I’m just re-reading an email I received today from one of our Life Group leaders here at Pathway. I’m really not supposed to be receiving email from anyone, but I sent out a specific request to this leader b/c it

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