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Sabbatical Return

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A few days in Lousianna

Megan and I just spent a few days in Baton Rouge, Lousianna, at a conference with Paul Scanlon (     First, the conference…it was a great time learning from Paul Scanlon (pic above…not the best picture as we were

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Yikes…2 weeks!

I can’t believe it’s only 2 weeks before I’m back at Pathway! To say I’m excited to get back to things would be an understatement. This time off has been over the top…amazing…timely…dream inspiring…did I say amazing? Really…every pastor needs

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Lighter side of Sabbatical Part 3 – It’s a Small World to Pinocchio

Warning – this is a long post…if you’d like to read about my shorts falling down, read on…you were warned… This Lighter Side actually happened a month ago when we were hanging out at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. Didn’t realize it,

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Lighter Side of Sabbatical Part 2 – The Cracker Barrel Incident

I think it was Keith (Grabill) that reminded me the other day how there’s typically always a few funny moments from every traveling adventure for the Miller family. Here’s probably the most awkward: It’s a wonder Cracker Barrel didn’t run

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Last Quarter of Sabbatical

Have a real sense of being in the last quarter of this Sabbatical. I’ve been working on this one post for about 20 minutes now, trying to define what I mean by that (typing, erasing, typing, erasing, etc.)…but I can’t

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The Lighter Side of Sabbatical Part 1

And now (as if you’d asked) let me share with you a few lighter sides of sabbatical…as opposed to heavier sides of Sabbtical…which I guess I’ve already shared from… How about this video…my girls wanted me to try to grow

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