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Master the Mundane

Take a minute and think about your daily routine – things you do pretty much the same, day in and day out.  Isn’t it a challenge at times to see these regular ‘duties’ of life as exciting?  For instance, every

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Worship Singing

Worship.  Specifically the time of worship singing on any given Sunday.  In the past 30 years churches have split over how this portion of the service was handled.  Contemporary, traditional, liturgical, etc, most everyone has a thought or preference on

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Obedience in the Battle

Something I never mentioned in this past week’s message but meant to was the role of obedience in the spiritual battle.  The word obedience is a word that most of us relegate to dog training, but it is absolutely essential

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Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire

Hate is such a strong word!  But go there for a minute – think of something you really really hate.  Something like going to the dentist…or snooty people who think they are better than you.  Or maybe something on a

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Dig in for the Battle

I don’t see a demon around every corner, but I believe they are there.  There is spiritual warfare going on all around you.  I’m not sure you need to give a whole lot of time in figuring it all out

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Does God use our desires?

Quick question – Do you really believe God wants to give you the desires of your heart?  If you said no, my guess is here’s why: 1)            You are new to faith and you don’t understand it all. 2)            You’ve

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Grace.  There’s the Ephesians 2:8 grace, which is the grace that saves you.  This is the grace that points to how you can’t earn your salvation as it’s only by grace you are saved through faith in Jesus. Then there’s

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