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Elkhart Campus Re-joining Middlebury Campus

After much prayer and discussion, we've made the decision to combine Pathway's Elkhart Campus back in with the Middlebury Campus as of July 3, 2011.  Please listen to the this podcast to hear Jason share his heart on this, which includes a

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Why a Video Message?

Elkhart Campus Pastor, Jason Brooks, and I answer the question of 'why a video message' at our Elkhart Campus in this 7 minute video.  This video was shown at our Elkhart Campus on Oct 18.  Take it in if you

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Video Message?

I spent most all of Monday looking at possible facilities for our Elkhart Campus. One of the key features we have to look at concerning our Elkhart Campus facility (facility makes it sound like a bathroom or something…how about we call

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Elkhart Campus Mtng

Last night’s Elkhart campus mtng was a blast. Really, we learned a lot about each other…such as: One of us who has no sense of smell… One of us (from the Pathway Leadership Team) who actually has a tattoo from

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The Last Multi-Site

Wow…just finished up our last Multi-Site night…a few of the highlights: The laughter, fun and fellowship of each night. The ‘dance’ chant that started on Monday night as Jason took the mic to start his talk. (don’t remember the particular’s,

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Multi-Site Night – Monday

In one word, I can describe tonight’s first Multi-Site Night mtng…fun…delicious…laugh-filled…faith-filled…etc…(was that more than one word?)… A few questions that came up: Where will the Elkhart campus be? What about the youth? How do we join the Elkhart campus? Will

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Multi-Site Article

After I read this article about Seacoast Church, and the way they do Multi-Site, I about went through the roof. This is it. I absolutely love their thoughts on this. Take a few minutes to read it before you come

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Multi-Site Nights March 16, 18, & 19

If you are a part of Pathway, you've got to be a part of our Multi-Site Nights next week!  This is going to be a fun night of questions/answers about our transition to being a Multi-Site church…one church, with many

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New Campus = New Life

I know I’m supposed to be having down time right now, but someone needs to tell the Holy Spirit…I keep getting all of these thoughts that I just journal and save, to think further through later on. BUT, I’ve already

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Elkhart Campus Pastor – Jason Brooks

If you missed this past Sunday's announcement, Jason and Sara Brooks, our Pastor of Connections, will be the initial Campus Pastor at our new campus in Elkhart.  The plan is (subject to the Holy Spirit) that Jason will then come

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