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Friday Haiti Update…

Last Day… Pictures 1- 3: We’ve been working in the same village all week, Source Mateles. Today, part of us stayed behind at the MOH campus to work on a fence and do other things, while 6 of us, including

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Thursday in Haiti…

zzzzzzzzzzzz…a long, hot day…but very productive… Picture 1: This is a common part of our day in Haiti as we work on the construction site. Kids all around the site yell, “Hey You! Hey! Hey You!” You respond with a

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Wednesday in Haiti

Had a very productive day today in the village of Source Metales! Picture 1: Included simply to show that I did work… Picture 2: These Haitian guys were digging (with a pick, sledge hammer, etc) the septic hole for the

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Tuesday in Haiti

Pictures 1-2: This is the house we are working on this week. Putting on a roof and painting. The girls went to another house in this village to paint (no pics…sorry). Picture 3: Christian got a hold of a few

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Monday in Haiti Part 2

Picture 1: This is the truck we’ve been riding in. I include a picture bc I think it’s a mean looking truck! Also, getting in and out ended up breaking Christie Coulter’s finger! Apparently at one point her finger was

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Monday in Haiti Part 1

Pictures 1 & 2: Experienced a full day of ministry today! We spent the morning walking through the village of Source Metales, praying with people. What a humbling experience to be invited into these Haitian homes to pray. Pictures 3

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Sunday in Haiti Part 2

This is part 2 from Sunday…make sure you read part 1 first! – Then a tour of the other MOH campuses. Pictures are from Leveque (kids come out of no where…some clothed, some not). – Tomorrow ministry in a local

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Sunday in Haiti Part 1

Today we: – Started the day off with a tour of Mission Of Hope campus…Pictures include: 1) Village of Hope…Orphanage 2) Convoy of Hope Warehouse… 63,000 people a day are fed from here! Yes, a DAY! 3) MOH School…22,000 students

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Haiti travel day – Saturday

Not a bad travel day…got to Mission of Hope Haiti around 4pm…it’s hot…looking frwrd to a great week…especially if I can find the team member who stole my fan…

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Friday in Haiti 2

After a long week of hard work, we spent this afternoon unwinding at the beach…what you can see in the first pic is my handsome farmers tanned ankles…what you can’t see very well is the fact that the mix of

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