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Jesus is already on the way!

I want to take you back to a spot in this past Sunday’s message that is still kind of reverberating in my soul if you will.  Do a quick read of Luke 7:11-17 and then take the next 2 minutes

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Helmet/Hope of Salvation

August 4, 1995, was the day I married Megan.  On that day I was declared married in the eyes of the state of Indiana.  Today, I am no more and no less married than I was on August 4, 1995. 

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Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire

Hate is such a strong word!  But go there for a minute – think of something you really really hate.  Something like going to the dentist…or snooty people who think they are better than you.  Or maybe something on a

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“0” Balance

Peace would seem so easy to have if it wasn’t for people!  Hah!  But of course Loving God and Loving People are the two greatest commandments, so we are stuck with people.  So how do we experience peace even in

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Steady in our Walk

Quick re-hash of what we talked about during this past Friday night’s session at our Men’s event… STEADY IN OUR WALK with Jesus Is the result of a heart completely committed to the fear of the Lord.  Psalm 112:1 (NIV)

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You won’t leave here like you came…

Growing up in church, we used to sing this little chorus all the time: You won't leave here like you came in Jesus name, Bound, oppressed, afflicted, sick or lame, For the Holy Ghost of Acts is still the same,

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Message Replay: Worship

I'm thinking about the series we did in August on Worship. God's presence is everywhere, I know that. But there's one thing that God created that can bring Him in on whatever situation you are facing, quicker than anything else…it's

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Message Replay: O Sun Stand Still

  Back in July, I had just read a new book by Pastor Steven Furtick entitled, Sun Stand Still. Studying the passage of Scripture this book was based on (Joshua 10), birthed this message I shared on Sunday, July 11th.

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Message Replay: Margin

Margin is the difference between what you have and what you need. If you have $30, and you need $25 to pay the bill, you have $5 worth of margin. The challenge is, if life were a restaurant, most of

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Message Replay: Holy

Back in March I did a series on holiness. What does it really mean to be holy? We know the Bible says without it, we'll never see God…but what is it? Is it driving around in buggies and wearing only

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