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CNN Interview of Captives in Columbia

Just took an hour to watch the CNN video interview of the 3 guys who were held captive in Columbia, now rescued. Really interesting to hear them talk about their rescue…as well as what has changed in them over the

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Follow Up: New Life Church Shooting

  (Colorado Springs, Co.)—Over the Christmas holidays, New Life Church Pastor Brady Boyd says he was praying about the shooting tragedy at his church last month when he felt like he was supposed to contact gunman Matthew Murray’s parents to

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Kenyan Church Update

FYI…here’s an update on what’s happening in Kenya…

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If you haven’t heard about this movie yet, my guess is, you probably will. Some are saying that this film will be to the levels of Mel Gibson’s "The Passion"…I don’t know about that, but it is already causing a

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Murder of Benazir Bhutto

If you’ve followed the whole murder of Benazir Bhutto in Pakistan, this post from Paul Grabill gives a great perspective from a former Muslim from Pakistan (now Christian).

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