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I want to share something with you that I never caught before when studying the Christmas story.  Luke 1:38 (ESV) 38  And Mary said, “Behold, I am the servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word.” And the angel departed from her.  More on this in a few sentences.

Back in November, the Lord put on my heart to encourage you to go into 2018 with a word from the Lord.  By this, I literally mean a Scripture from God that you can ‘hang your hat on’ in a sense as we enter this new year.  A Scripture for this specific season of your life.

So Mr. Pastor guy, how do I get one of those?  Great question!

1)         Get your word from the Bible!  Let’s embrace the Bible like it was meant to be embraced – God’s direct word to us.

2)         Let the Holy Spirit place a Scripture on your heart.  Maybe it will be a verse that I share a message on, or from a discussion in your Life Group.  Maybe it will be from a Christian book you might be reading.  Let me state the obvious here – the more of the Word you know, read, and hear, the more He’ll be able to speak a word to you!  There is no greater time than today to start some sort of regular Bible reading.  Why not start in Luke, one chapter a day?  Shoot me your questions as you read and I’ll try to answer them as we walk through this tremendous Gospel!

3)         Choose a Scripture until God leads you on.  Ok Scott, I’ve tried and tried to get a ‘word’ from God, but I’ve got nothing!!!  Relax.  Find a Scripture (reminder – all of it is for you) and simply start praying it…thinking (meditating) on it…talking about it.  Stick with that verse until God connects another verse or passage to your heart later on!

Listen, Mary didn’t 100% understand everything that was getting ready to happen, but she purposed in her heart to “let it be to me according to your word.”  She decided she didn’t have to have all the answers, she would just rest in these words from God given via the angel.  Let’s commit to do the same!

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