Worship Singing

worship spelled out

Worship.  Specifically the time of worship singing on any given Sunday.  In the past 30 years churches have split over how this portion of the service was handled.  Contemporary, traditional, liturgical, etc, most everyone has a thought or preference on how this portion of the service should go! 

One thing I appreciate about you church is your willingness to just worship.  Sure our style at Pathway leans more toward what most would call ‘contemporary,’ but even when we bring in something more traditional, you still worship.  Why?  B/c it’s not about your favorite style or my favorite style, it’s about a God who is worthy of worship and praise.  It’s about a God who sent His only son to come to earth to die for my sins…and if He never did another thing for us…He is already worthy of praise! 

Think about this – in the month of April, our time of worship singing was led:

  • by a middle aged balding lead pastor guy who has been leading worship at Pathway off and on since it’s inception as a church. 
  • by a fiery soul filled skinny jeans wearing millennial guest worship leader who seamlessly led along with our team (Stephen Witt).
  • by a senior in High school who led us in a round of jumping higher, clapping louder, shouting louder, etc. than we had before, celebrating our freedom in Jesus.
  • by about 300 voices singing in the dark with no amplification at all b/c we had no power! 

Worship isn’t and can’t be about a style.  Worship has to be about exalting our God, who is alive, and deserving of all our praise! 

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