Helmet/Hope of Salvation

helmet of salvation

August 4, 1995, was the day I married Megan.  On that day I was declared married in the eyes of the state of Indiana.  Today, I am no more and no less married than I was on August 4, 1995.  I am just…well…married.  But I assure you I am a different person and have a different marriage today than I did back on that Friday night in 1995.  Why?  Because we’ve had many amazing, challenging, stretching, humorous, heartbreaking, faith building, faith draining events happen in our journey through marriage together.  All of which have formed our marriage bond into what it is today!

In the same way, the day you surrendered your life to the lordship and leadership of Jesus Christ was the day your life was changed forever.  You are just as saved today as you were on that day.  You will never be more or less saved, you are just…well…saved.  But be assured that God’s desire for you is to be growing in holiness and righteousness as part of the process of your salvation, or what we call sanctification.  His desire is that every year you serve Him you end up looking more like Him!

This embodies the idea of what it looks like to take up the helmet of salvation.  There is a definite work of salvation that happened to you that initial moment when you were redeemed.  But as you take up the helmet of salvation, you are committing to the continual process of your salvation as well, becoming more and more like Jesus in your thoughts and actions.  Holding on to the hope of our ultimate ‘salvation’ when we will be with Him and like Him in Glory!  THIS IS OUR HOPE!

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