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What I’ve Been Reading…Exegetical Fallacies by D.A. Carson

   I first read this book over 20 years ago for a college course I took on Hermeneutics.  I chose to re-read this as I’m focusing on improving my preaching ministry, which obviously includes corrrect study/interpretation of Scripture.  The book

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What I’ve Been Reading…The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

   This was the first time for me to read this classic by Mark Twain.  In fact, I rarely read anything in the fiction (or classic) category.  Most of my reading is biographical, political, or ‘religious’ in nature.  Though the

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From Worse to…well…Worser

   I laughed today as I heard the preacher talk about Paul’s experience with the snake in Acts 28.  I laughed b/c it’s a spot we all have found ourselves in.  Let’s set this up…  Paul is a prisoner He

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