Revive Indiana Thoughts

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind for those of you who have kids at Middlebury Community Schools (and any area schools for that matter) who want to be involved in Revive Indiana (Revive) during the day. I write this as a pastor, not so much a school board member:

1) Don’t forget they can be involved every Saturday! Prioritize your Saturdays. Look at the calendar and designate your Saturdays, or a few Saturdays, to be involved with Revive. Why would we even have the conversation about possibly getting our kids out of school for Revive without thinking about a discussion with a coach about Saturdays? Just think about it…

2) I can’t speak for all the schools, but Mr. Wood at the High School has confirmed with me that with a parents call, a day at Revive Indiana will be excused (like any other absence with a parents call). Remember, even with excused absences, you still are only allowed so many absences before you get on the watch list (as the Miller family learned last year with a during the school year vacation). I’d suggest you talk to your principal about your child’s absence.

3) A thought for all of us – somehow previous commitments have to play into this. Don’t get me wrong, our family and church schedule have been gladly changed b/c of Revive but remember the fruit of the Spirit of faithfulness needs to play out in your life as well. I still mentor a kid at 3pm every Monday. I still plan on being a judge for the Optimist club oratorical contest coming up on a Wednesday night in a few weeks. I still have a ‘job’ of leading our church. Trust the Holy Spirit to give you balance on this as it won’t be easy. Keep this in mind – it will not be understandable to many of the people outside of Revive if you as a Christian begin to flake out on your responsibilities to them. You will jeopardize a relationship that God has already placed in your life. Yes, God is doing something through Revive but God was ALREADY doing something through you by placing you as a representative of his Kingdom in the community that you live in. Don’t throw away that opportunity!

4) Remember the long term goal…after March 4th…it’s not services every night…it’s you and I doing what we should be doing anyhow! Sharing the life changing power of Jesus with people who have yet to understand this. Even if your student can’t be involved as much as they’d like to be in Revive officially, they are involved in Revive unofficially every day of their life at school…from here on out. Make sure you are processing the long term effect this should have on your student with them!

God is doing something unique here!  Embrace it…soak it in…and let’s get ready to never be the same again! #reviveINDIANA

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One comment on “Revive Indiana Thoughts
  1. Del Penner says:

    These are some awesome and definitely Holy Spirit inspired thoughts, Scott. I hope lots of people read this and take it too heart.

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