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Thursday in Haiti…

zzzzzzzzzzzz…a long, hot day…but very productive… Picture 1: This is a common part of our day in Haiti as we work on the construction site. Kids all around the site yell, “Hey You! Hey! Hey You!” You respond with a

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Wednesday in Haiti

Had a very productive day today in the village of Source Metales! Picture 1: Included simply to show that I did work… Picture 2: These Haitian guys were digging (with a pick, sledge hammer, etc) the septic hole for the

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Tuesday in Haiti

Pictures 1-2: This is the house we are working on this week. Putting on a roof and painting. The girls went to another house in this village to paint (no pics…sorry). Picture 3: Christian got a hold of a few

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Monday in Haiti Part 2

Picture 1: This is the truck we’ve been riding in. I include a picture bc I think it’s a mean looking truck! Also, getting in and out ended up breaking Christie Coulter’s finger! Apparently at one point her finger was

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Monday in Haiti Part 1

Pictures 1 & 2: Experienced a full day of ministry today! We spent the morning walking through the village of Source Metales, praying with people. What a humbling experience to be invited into these Haitian homes to pray. Pictures 3

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Sunday in Haiti Part 2

This is part 2 from Sunday…make sure you read part 1 first! – Then a tour of the other MOH campuses. Pictures are from Leveque (kids come out of no where…some clothed, some not). – Tomorrow ministry in a local

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Sunday in Haiti Part 1

Today we: – Started the day off with a tour of Mission Of Hope campus…Pictures include: 1) Village of Hope…Orphanage 2) Convoy of Hope Warehouse… 63,000 people a day are fed from here! Yes, a DAY! 3) MOH School…22,000 students

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