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What I’ve been reading…Choosing to See: A Journey of Struggle and Hope by Mary Beth Chapman

I’ve wanted to read this book for some time now, but simply didn’t take the time to do such. Mary Beth is the wife of Christian musician, Steven Curtis Chapman. Over all, the book is heart wrenching as she shares

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Devoted Themselves

I can't stop thinking about these 2 words from Acts 2:42… "They devoted themselves to the…" Devoted – this went beyond 'I like Jesus'…this went beyond 'Yah – I'm a Christian'…this was a deep commitment to doctrine (discipleship), fellowship, worship,

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Matt Holloway the great donkey-ball rider

Pathway’s own Matt Holloway represented us well tonight at the community Donkey-ball basketball game! Notice the action shot (he’s the green blur in the middle)!

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Rick Warren, Islamic faith, and Chrislam

There are talking blogging heads all over the internet spreading rumors and lies about someone that I highly respect and esteem, Pastor Rick Warren. If you have heard of any of these, please take a minute to read through this

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What if Worship was like an NBA game?


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