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2012 Middlebury Community Lenten Services

If you are interested, here is the schedule for this years lenten services in Middlebury.  All Sunday night services start at 6pm, Good Friday Services are at 12:30pm and 7:30pm, and Easter Sunrise is at 7am. Download 2012 Lenten services

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What I’ve been reading…Through my Eyes by Tim Tebow

I’m a little over half way through Tim Tebow’s first book. I really like Tim Tebow…liked him ever since I saw the first ESPN interview on him before he won the Heisman. His book is, well, informative. So far, he

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My Friend Patrick

This is my friend Patrick standing inside his unfinished auto parts store in the small village of Source Matelas, Haiti (see 'A' on map below).  I first met Patrick last year as we painted and roofed a new house for his

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Wild hogs in Middlebury

Not sure what’s more odd – the fact that the closest news organization reporting on this is in Fort Wayne, or the fact that we actually had wild hogs in Middlebury? Wild feral charging hogs experienced in Middlebury!

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The Bridge Project – Paris

Here's the latest and greatest from The Bridge Project in Paris, France! Todd and Amanda are doing a great job leading the team in bringing Jesus to Paris!

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Playing Mr. Mom

It’s been a half vacation/half work week for me this week. Megan is out of town with Ashton (my oldest), so that leaves me, Tate (8), and Hayden (2). I’ve learned you really don’t know what it’s like to take

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25 years of waiting

In Genesis 12, Abraham is 75 yrs old as God promises that “all people’s on earth will be blessed through you.” It wasn’t until Genesis 21, at the ripe old age of 100 yrs old, that the visible sign of

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Friday in Haiti 2

After a long week of hard work, we spent this afternoon unwinding at the beach…what you can see in the first pic is my handsome farmers tanned ankles…what you can’t see very well is the fact that the mix of

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Friday in Haiti

This morning we painted yet one more house in Titayen…all these pics are from there…

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Thursday in Haiti 2

All of these pics are from the orphanage this afternoon… Matt and one of the girls… Girls at the orphanage… Jason taught the kids how to make their finger disappear…he is one talented guy…he taught these boys other things as

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