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12 Years

It was December 3, 2000, and the thirteen of us setup around forty chairs in the garage (our then sanctuary), expecting the best. To our amazement, and I believe in God’s humor, we had to add a few more chairs.

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Honor Series Challenge – Living It!

Wow, I love this. The Honor series we are working through right now is really shaking us up! This week I am going to finish up the "Who do we Honor" message, along with touching on this question: How can

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Walk to ND Stadium

Ah, only a true Irish Football fan could enjoy such a wonderful site.  ND Football team walking to the stadium before the Pitt game, 11-3-12.   

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You’re working harder than you’re praying…

You’re working harder than you’re praying. It wasn’t an audible voice, but that’s what I felt the Holy Spirit say to me a month or two ago, and it keeps reverberating through my soul! It obviously wasn’t a rebuke to

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Great Service ought to lead to Great Service

I’ve been thinking about something ever since this past Sunday’s service at Pathway. It was an absolutely amazing service. From the time we started singing to the time in the altars, it was powerful! I enjoy services like that…you enjoy

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Is God Faithful?

We pray, God answers, and we declare – God is Faithful! We pray, God seemingly doesn't answer, and we declare – God where are you?  Is God faithful or not?  I don't think we can have it both ways! Taking

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Coming up Fall 2012

Wow…I’m getting really excited about what’s coming up in the second half of this year @ Pathway! Let me throw out a couple of things for you: August 26th    Water Baptism during our Sunday service…email if you want to be

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Stop Relax

This past Sunday, in my message on the importance of taking a day off (Commandment #4), I mentioned that I might have a part 2 to the message. Decided to jump right into Commandment #5 this week, but here is

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Grace to let it go…

In this past Sunday's message I shared a pretty candid story of how a group of people misused the name of God and really hurt Megan and I.  All of us have been there, or will be there at some

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How do I know if it’s God?

Bill Hybels in his book The Power of a Whisper, suggests the following in our desire to know if it’s God or not. I hit this briefly in my message on Sunday: How can we know if it’s from God?

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