Lois Clifton with Jesus

Yesterday, Megan and I buried another one of our beloved grandparents, Lois Clifton. Not really intending to use my blog as an announcement board for the latest grandparent that went to be with Jesus, but it may seem that way!

Something that dawned on me this week as Megan and I were processing her Grandma's passing – there are so many different emotions when you lose a grandparent like this. Most of them, I've thought of before. For instance, you miss them – talking with them, being with them, laughing with them, etc. You hurt for others who will miss them – like my grandma missing my grandpa, or Megan's grandpa Lewis now missing Lois (this is really painful!).

There is one emotion that I didn't identify until this week (actually Megan identified it) – loss of a season. The season of having grandparents is coming to an end! I've always had grandparent…my whole life! Since the day I came out of the womb, I have had grandparents! Soon, I will have them no more. There's a feeling of loss as each of them have sown something into my life. Maybe that means I'm getting old? Maybe that means I am turning a bit more nostalgic? I don't know…but this really hit me this week.

Glad you were able to join me in this…hah!


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