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Middlebury Community Schools Prayer Walk

Shayne Cripe is heading up this years prayer walk at each Middlebury School this year.  For more information, see the attached pdf.  If your kids aren't in Middlebury school's, I encourage you to head to your kids school and pray

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5 Greets and a Bagger

Doing a couple of updates on our house this summer…nothing huge, just little things here and there. In my journey to get the most for my money, I’ve spent a lot of time searching different big box hardware stores, as

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Every Man’s Battle

This is the book I referenced in my message on Sunday, July 10th, in talking about sexual immorality. It’s the greatest book on dealing with sexual temptation that I’ve ever read (and very helpful for your wife to read also).

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Falling asleep to your own message

Recently, Megan took this picture of me…previewing a recorded message of me (for Sunday, June 26th)…while sitting on the couch… Does this even need a caption? Needless to say, I went into the church and re-recorded the message…knocking 10 minutes

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Posting Through Proverbs

OK…this week we started a series at Pathway on the book of Proverbs from the Old Testament. The double dog dare you challenge I put out to the church was to read the Proverb of the day for the next

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