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GC, Mennonites, and the Star Spangled Banner

At the risk of making enemies, let me blab for a few minutes on what I think about all of the hubbub over Goshen College’s reversal of a decision to play the National Anthem at the beginning sporting events. I

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Spiritual Battles and God’s Power

So, I was reading in Luke 4, about when Jesus was tempted in the desert for 40 days. Of course we know he was fasting at this time as well. Though I do practice the discipline of fasting (less often

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Blogging, TV Ministry and Larry the Cucumber

I don’t blog nearly as often as I used to. I can’t really put a finger on it other than I think Facebook has somewhat filled the blogging void. When I do blog, especially about something from deep within the

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Elkhart Campus Re-joining Middlebury Campus

After much prayer and discussion, we've made the decision to combine Pathway's Elkhart Campus back in with the Middlebury Campus as of July 3, 2011.  Please listen to the this podcast to hear Jason share his heart on this, which includes a

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Your pastor wants you to know this about guests @ your church…

Was thinking through some practical ways to welcome first time guests at Pathway, or any church for that matter: Get past the “I’m a guest” stage…hah!  If you’ve attended for a few weeks, look at yourself as a regular, not a

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MOH and Agriculture

Here's an update on how one of Pathway's newest strategic missions partners are helping impact culture in Haiti via agriculture! When we were down there in February, we built houses which sit on a small parcel of land. What you

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What I’ve Been Reading…The Reagan Wit by Bill Adler and Bill Adler Jr.

I think Megan got this book from her dad’s bookshelves the last time we were over there. Ronald Reagan was a simple, but extraordinary leader. He was the greatest president of my life time. This book is full of little

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