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Otis Garrison and COH Worship Leader Claudel on April 10

THIS IS WORTH COMING HOME EARLY FROM SPRING BREAK FOR!!!  Ok, I realize most of you may not be going anywhere for spring break, but I'm telling you, Sunday, April 10th, is going to be an exciting Sunday! After returning

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Scott and Davida Horner Story

Scott and Davida Horner, much like others throughout Elkhart County, have struggled with jobs/finances, etc.  I took 10 minutes to interview them this past Sunday during our service.  Take a few minutes to listen to this…be encouraged you are not

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5 Ways to Make Your Kids Hate Church

Great post… I’ve a few things I could add to this…what would you add?

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Bridge International Church Celebrates 1 year!

One of Pathway's strategic missions outreaches just celebrated one year of being a church!  Here's a video they put together to celebrate.  We've put a lot of prayer and finances into this Paris church…exciting to see what God is doing

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Coach Hanson 700 wins

This may not mean much to you, but this guy has coached basketball for a long time at the college I went to, Central Bible College.  Recently, he won his 700th win.  In any sport, that is an amazing accomplishment! 

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What I’ve been reading…Love Wins by Rob Bell

Let me start by saying I am not on a witch hunt. I did not purchase this book (with one click of a button which caused it then to be downloaded immediately via wifi on my Kindle of which I

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Middlebury Community Lenten Service Schedule

 During the months of March and April, churches all over Middlebury will be hosting Sunday evening services, focusing on this Lenten season.  We've chosen Psalms 51 as the text of our messages this year.  Attached to this post is a

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Friday Funny

I think the quick witty blurbs of Facebook has caused me to neglect my beloved blog…I'm sure you are all heartbroken and missing my weekly wit…here's something that made me laugh today…  

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‘Our God’ in Haiti

Steve Sommer just emailed me this video he shot during one of the worship services in Haiti…they are singing the song "Our God" in French and then in English…ok, you really had to be there…but it was a bit overwhelming

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