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Life Groups

Just re-hashing a few things about our different ministries at Pathway…I was reminded of why we ‘do’ Life Groups…why Life Groups are such a huge part of who we are at Pathway…why every LG leader and attendee (nice word, I

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Skype call with Missionary Todd Tyson

Just had a great Skype call with Missionary Todd Tyson (I snapped the picture above while we were talking). Things are going well at the Bridge International Church in Paris, as well as with the Bridge Project overall. They are

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Haiti Update 6

Sitting in my living room, a bit overwhelmed right now. I woke up Saturday morning in a 3rd world country, used a toilet I wasn’t supposed to flush, took a shower by turning the water off as often as possible,

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Haiti Update 5

 Pic above is the whole team, with our interpreter for the week, Rosnic. Today was our last full day in Haiti. We have been based at MOH which is in Titanyen, about a 45 minute drive north of Port Au

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Haiti Update 4

Fyi…make sure you read update 3 too…both of these are from today (Thursday)… I spent some time this afternoon walking through the Village of Hope (orphanage here at MOH). On a personal note, this was a bit of a heart

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Haiti Update 3

Here’s what happened today… This morning we stuck around MOH and worked on a facility they are building here (the same one we worked on yesterday). Let me just take a moment to say that this group of Pathway guys

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Haiti 2 Update

Wow…uh…where to start… Yesterday (Tuesday), Andy, John Lankerd, and Myself went back to finish painting a house we put a roof on in the village of Sesmatla (sp?). The other guys put 2 roof’s on in the village of Menotree

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Haiti picture

For some reason, this pic didn’t show up on my previous post…

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Quick Haiti Post

I’ve been in Haiti for 3 days now…it’s everything you’d think it would be and more. Some of the quick highlights/experiences: Had an overwhelmingly powerful church service Sunday morning with the Mission of Hope Church, including about 800 Haitians! They

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Coming up at Pathway…

Here’s just a few quick blurbs of what’s coming up at Pathway…  February Missions Month:     Serving There (MC serving at the Middlebury Food Pantry…EC serving at Feed the Children) Guests from RETA, Jay Covert, and street evangelist/missionary to Spain (and

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