Top 5 Post-Vacation Thoughts

Random thoughts I have for you, coming back from vacation:

  1. I encourage you to avoid the urge to take the late flight (after school) in order to get to your vacation place early. Just take the flight the next morning. Getting in at 1:30am to your hotel, after a 2 ½ hour flight that seemed like it took 5 hours, with half-dazed kids, one of which just threw up everything she ate that day all over your wife on the shuttle from the airport to your hotel (thanking God you had just placed this child in the lap of your wife as it would have meant you would have emptied your stomach also), is NOT ANY FUN!
  2. Even though it is Florida, you would be wise to pack your winter coats if going in January/February. For sure don’t forget a jacket…unless you want the privilege of wearing the same long sleeve t-shirt every evening when it gets cold, even if it does smell like a guys locker room by the end of vacation.
  3. Any trip involving the words “Disney” should not include the words vacation. A Disney trip is not a vacation, more of a diversion from everyday life. Still a meaningful and fun time, just not very relaxing.
  4. Don’t forget your wife’s charging cable for her brand new camera you just bought for her…it will leave the nice 14 megapixel camera useless halfway through your vacation.
  5. When traveling with your 3 and 5 year old nephews, be sure to be ready to be slugged in the gut or backside at any moment of any day. No rhythm or rhyme to it. Apparently young boys breath, eat, make interesting noises out of all orifices, and slug others. I think my girls’ version of slugging is drama and crying I guess.
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