What I’ve been Reading…The Power of a Whisper by Bill Hybels

Whether you are a fan of Hybels or not, the fact is, most everything he’s written is well done, and makes you think! Axiom, Too Busy Not to Pray, Just Walk across the Room, Holy Discontent…all of them…amazing books that have each effected my life in some way after reading them. So, what about “The Power of a Whisper” book? I liked it. Instead of being a book that I couldn’t put down, it was more certain chapters that I had to read and re-read (like chapter 7 and 8). Really like, and will use Hybels thoughts on discerning if something is a whisper from God, or just the Taco Bell I had for lunch:

Filter #1:    Is the Prompting Truly from God? – Before you go any further, pray. Ask God to confirm if it’s from Him or not.

Filter #2:    Is it Scriptural? – Could you imagine Jesus (the Word incarnate) doing whatever it is you feel prompted to do?

Filter #3:    Is it Wise? – God rarely goes against wisdom and common sense.

Filter #4:    Is it in Tune With Your Own Character? – It’s not that God won’t radically cause a 180 degree turn in your life, but if he does, it usually is confirmed by several trusted sources who can help discern if this lines up with who you are.

Filter #5:    What Do the People You Most Trust Think about it? – Subject every prompting to the godly counsel test.

Side note – We have a 4 session Life Group series built around this book (included study guide and DVD)…see Jason if you’d like to look it over…

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