What I’ve been reading…Out of Deception by Nathan Miller

Manass and Wilma Hochstetler had shared bits and pieces of their ‘story’ with me over the past few years that they’ve attended Pathway, but I never understood it fully until after reading this book. The author of this book, Nathan Miller, spent many hours interviewing Manass’ brother, Wilbur Hochstetler (and others), about the experience that their family went through involving a cult.

The book lays out in detail how the Hochstetler family, while still in the Amish church, left the Amish to become a part of this horrible group. It really stemmed from a hunger for truth, but led them into a web of deceit and awfulness.

Of course, the best part of the book is the ending. The story of how some of the family (including Manass, Wilma, and Wilbur) have found what they were looking for in the Truth of Scripture. How God has redeemed their lives and helped to heal their past.

Nathan Miller did a good job of keeping things moving as he tells this amazing story!

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