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Top 5 Post-Vacation Thoughts

Random thoughts I have for you, coming back from vacation: I encourage you to avoid the urge to take the late flight (after school) in order to get to your vacation place early. Just take the flight the next morning.

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God Use Me, More

Still working through this prayer between God and I – “God use me.” So, it’s not like He doesn’t already use me (or you for that matter), but I think there’s more. I think there’s more that can be accomplished

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Suggested Resources for Bible Study

This Sunday, at our Middlebury Campus, I’ll be referencing some suggested resources for you to grow in knowledge of the Bible…here’s a few idea’s…   Books: How to Study Your Bible, by Kay Arthur Personal Bible Study Methods, by Rick

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What I’ve been reading…Out of Deception by Nathan Miller

Manass and Wilma Hochstetler had shared bits and pieces of their ‘story’ with me over the past few years that they’ve attended Pathway, but I never understood it fully until after reading this book. The author of this book, Nathan

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What I’ve been Reading…The Power of a Whisper by Bill Hybels

Whether you are a fan of Hybels or not, the fact is, most everything he’s written is well done, and makes you think! Axiom, Too Busy Not to Pray, Just Walk across the Room, Holy Discontent…all of them…amazing books that

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Blessed are the Persecuted

   Finishing up my series on the Beatitudes with a message on persecution.  Voice of the Martyrs had this video update concerning persecution in Nigeria, back in March 2010.  Nearly 500 people martyred for their faith, killed by muslim extremist, for

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