Bible & Thieves

Some days, when I’m studying, I like to get as far away from everything as possible. Get away from any possible distractions so that I can hear clearly what God is leading me to share. On other days, I find being in the middle of the hustle of the day is helpful in accomplishing the task at hand.

Today, I find myself on the leather couch of Panera Bread, headphones on, putting the finishing touches on my Christmas message. Every once and a while I need to get up to get a refill, order a cinnamon crunch bagel, etc., and I am faced with a challenge. What do I do with my sprawled out portable office (laptop, with cell phone connected for internet access, and headset) when I need to step away? It’s a pain to pack all up and grab a refill with everything in tow.

So, I’ve found a new use for the Word…notice the picture above…I’ve found if I cover everything with an open Bible, things are still there when I get back!

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