Christ-Likeness: Preference or Passion?

Warning: Long post ahead…but it felt good to get it on paper…or should I say type…

I keep thinking about this quote from Pastor John Lindell – “For many people, Christ-likeness is a preference, not a passion.”

I was sick yesterday…mostly the achy, head and chest congestion, feel like I just got hit by a Mack truck kind of sickness. I slept some, tried to work some, and watched a few movies as I lay on my make shift bed on the couch in the living room (Megan had it decked out with a bed sheet and everything). I ended up watching a documentary on the Jewish holocaust before and during WW2. Side point – it still amazes me that some loons think this never happened…beyond stupidity my friend.

One thing that caught my attention in the documentary was how the Jews were looked at as a lesser group of people for some time before these events. For generations the Jews had been mocked, hated, and even tortured at times for their Jewish faith. It took a hate-filled leader named Adolph Hitler to bring about this wave of torture in the early/mid 1900’s. Whole family units were kicked out of their homes, stripped of their jobs and business, murdered, guilty of only one thing – being a Jew.

I am no prophet of doom and gloom…mostly b/c I see that my God is faithful in times of doom and gloom just as much as He is in times of boom and excitement. He is in control when my life is at both ends of the spectrum. I refuse to give into fear of what the future holds, which is what I hear from most well meaning believers about the future of Christianity. A mixture of truth (what the Bible says about our future) and fear (which if I gave into would cause me to lose my sanity for the sake of my girls who have just entered this world). Warnings in the Bible about the last days are not there to cause FEAR, BUT FAITH! Faith that even though there may be hard times, God is still strong and more than enough!

BUT…if persecution ever got severe in the US towards Christians, who would stand? I think it would probably come down to a civil war before much severe persecution broke out, but even then, who would stand? Why wait to make the decision then (if it ever even needs to be made), and why not make the decision now?

I follow Christ not as a preference over the Prophet Mohammed, or Buddha, or Gandhi…I choose to passionately pursue Christ and am willing to sell out 100% to his teaching and lifestyle b/c He was willing to sell out 100% on me (gave His life for me for goodness sake)! This is more than checking the box of Christianity, it’s a well thought through decision to not simply hang around the church and other Christ followers, but to willingly lay down my rights, take up my cross, and follow Him.

Are you in?

Matthew 5:6 Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.

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