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What I’ve been reading: The Mentor Leader by Tony Dungy

Just finished Tony Dungy's latest book, on mentor leadership. Pleasantly surprised by this book! Really a great, easy read, full of powerful teaching on how to become a mentor leader. A timely book for where I'm at at this point

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Invite Someone to Pathway

Let me put a plug in for this current Beatitudes series we’re in at Pathway…invite someone to come to church with you! Do you know anyone who is: Unchurched – they don’t attend church anywhere regularly. Have no real relationship

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Message Replay: Margin

Margin is the difference between what you have and what you need. If you have $30, and you need $25 to pay the bill, you have $5 worth of margin. The challenge is, if life were a restaurant, most of

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2010 Haiti Men’s Missions Trip

Here's the latest info we have on the Men's missions trip to Haiti, Feb. 12-19.  Informational Letter:        Download October 27 Letter Packing List:                  Download Packing List – generic Recommended Shots:     Download Recommended Shots Link to get your passport here…

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Message Replay: Holy

Back in March I did a series on holiness. What does it really mean to be holy? We know the Bible says without it, we'll never see God…but what is it? Is it driving around in buggies and wearing only

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Video Update from Missionary Kendall Reavis

Great video update from one of our Pathway Missionaries, Kendall Reavis…

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Robby and Tracy Bradford

One of our strategic missions partners has had a major shift in ministry focus! If you are interested, Robby and Tracy Bradford take time to explain here. We will continue to support the Bridge Project in France as one of

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Message Replay: Go Ahead, Inconvenience Me

Painful admission…as much as I know I am here to share Jesus with others, it still doesn't come naturally. I want to be 'Scott the Evangelist', but it's just not something that comes easily to me, therefore, it's something I

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Message Replay: Weekly Message or Messages from God?

I've spent some time this week thinking through the Sunday messages I've shared over the past year. I have a real high value for the preaching time on Sunday mornings. The more I lead a local church, the more I

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Spiritual Gifts #5

Here's the last of our Spiritual Gifts video's…this one discusses Tongues and Interpretation of Tongues… SG Spot #5 from Scott Miller on Vimeo.

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