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Gianna Jessen’s Amazing Story

If you haven't watched this yet, you've got to…Part 1 and Part 2 below…    

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Fall 2010 MC Kid’s Ministry Update

This past Sunday (Sept. 19th) I spent a few minutes interviewing Megan on what's happening in our Kid's Ministry at the Middlebury Campus.  Here's what she said! Fall MC Kid's Ministry Report from Scott Miller on Vimeo.

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Spiritual Gifts

I wanted to throw this 2007 series back out to you. March Madness was a series I did on the Spiritual Gifts, 1 Corinthians 12-14. Would be a great study to go back through personally, or with your spouse! Messages:

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Sexy too Soon

Great article over at focus on the family. It sickens me the way society forces the young girls among us into feeling like they’ve got to look sexy!

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Life Group Leaders Retreat

Worked some this week on the LG Leaders retreat coming up! Bringing in some ‘specialists’ from the outside to help us prepare ourselves to lead and minister to the church. Looking forward to a great weekend with the LG leaders

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The Blessed Life kicks off this week at Pathway

 This week we kick off “The Blessed Life” series at both campuses.  Being ‘blessed’ means having supernatural power working for you.  How can you and I align our lives with the Spirit of God in order to live the blessed

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How do I stay rested in Jesus?

I love getting together on Sunday’s with other believers. As we enter into God’s presence through worship, it’s a spiritual boost like no other! My challenge is this – how do I stay boosted throughout the week? Answer found in

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