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Scott in pink…

Never let it be said that Scott Miller is not a good sport…willing to go against that which he is comfortable with to show appreciation for the people he leads, as they show appreciation for him…hah! I STILL HATE PINK!

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Something broken

Great thought from Jack Hayford, The Reward of Worship: In the last analysis, His Word indicates that He is not looking for something brilliant, but something broken: “The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit, a broken and a contrite

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8-15-10 Message

We are fooling around with the idea of posting video, along with the already offered audio, of all of our services at the Pathway website.  Below is our first attempt!  Could you answer a few quick questions in the comment section after

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Cornhole rules!

Corn-hole is now my favorite sport…or at least close…I spent some time throwing the old bean bags at the thing over this past weekend…I think we need to get a tournament going at the Pathway Picnic on the 29th…

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Middlebury Summer Festival Video

Had a great time with the community Friday night!

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Get Baptized!

If you haven’t followed Christ into water baptism yet, get baptized on Sunday August 22nd!!!  Let us know right now if you are wanting to be baptized! Baptism EXCUSES See Details Buy Now

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Here’s mud in your Eye

The life easily travelled is not always the most fun and exciting, you know what I mean? I’ve been thinking about this a lot over the past 2 months. The easiest thing for my life’s direction would have been to

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Giving a shirt is noble?

Since when has being willing to give someone the shirt off your back become a sign of a great nobility? Has it really come to that? “Oh Ralph, he’s a great guy. Kind of guy that would be willing to

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Coffee House in Communist Country

Had a really interesting conversation with a missionary to a communist country yesterday. The country he serves in has had the reputation of being missionary killers. Meaning, most missionaries are not able to push through the spiritual warfare and difficulty

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There is Joy

Wow…thinking, studying, processing all kinds of thoughts on worship over the past few weeks. One thing is jumping out at me today – in the presence of the Lord there is fullness of Joy. Am I really living this? I’m

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