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What do you bring to the huddle?

So I was listening to this old recording of a guy named Howard Hendricks give a talk on leadership (really old recording…like back in the 1990's…hah!).  Howard was the chaplain for the Dallas Cowboys back in the days of the

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Pathway Helping Haiti

Hearing Nathan Grubb talk about going to Haiti soon reminded me that there's a new video out explaining how our missions dollars are being spent in Haiti right now (See below)!  Even before our one time offering to help the initial

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Caleb Cripe on Fox 28

Pathway's Caleb Cripe was on Fox 28 news last night!  How about that…link here or video below…  

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What I’m reading…The Reward of Worship by Jack Hayford

Reading a book right now by Jack Hayford called The Reward of Worship (it’s for a class I’m teaching in Indy in August)…let me share one thought he points out – “God is waiting in the wings – and worship

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I have a dream…a weird dream really…

Okay…this may be too much information…but…I…I have a dream…and it’s a strange dream!  I’m not talking some big vision from God, but an actual while I’m sleeping dream.  In this dream I am back in the hallowed halls of Northridge High

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Dare you to listen…Numa Numa Song

I dare you to listen to this Romanian love song all of the way through, and not sing it the rest of the day…my daughters 5th grade class did a really cool white light version of this song a few months

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Festival Game Assignments

Here's the list of Middlebury Summer Festival assignment for all of you who signed up!  2 thoughts: If for some reason you can't do your assignment, let me know ASAP! You may be signed up for more than 1 game/assignment,

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