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Middlebury Campus Going to 1 Service!

We have a real sense right now that we need to 'come together' at the Middlebury Campus.  In order to facilitate that, we've decided to go to one 10am service on Sunday mornings!  Hear more on the video/audio below that

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Video of Carson Hartung Out of Anesthesia

Here's a video shot today I believe of Pathway's Carson Hartung after he came out of 7 days of Anesthesia…  

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Definition of a Disciple

Just read this in Mark Batterson’s book, Primal – A Quest for the Lost Soul of Christianity: The New Testament Greek word translated as “disciple” comes from a root that means “learner.” By definition, a disciple is someone who never

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Pathway’s Sarah Balmer on the news

Pathway's Sarah Balmer reccomended one of her teachers for the 16 Excellence in Education award, and he won!  It's all Sarah's fault!  Hah! You can see it all here…

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Video from EC Reach Out

This afternoon was a huge success for Pathway…served up 800 hotdogs, and gave away 3 trailors full of clothes at the Plaza in downtown Elkhart!  Here's what it looked like…  

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Can I lose my salvation?

Once I give my life to Christ, can I ever be out from underneath his grace? I’m going to hit this briefly in this Sunday’s message at the Middlebury Campus. If you’d like to study it further, I encourage you

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EC Carpet Need

Our Elkhart Campus is in need of carpet!  We are going to try to meet that need through an offering at both campuses on May 30th…watch this…    

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Rehearsing Thoughts – Margin

April: Margin – 2 verses stick out to me from this series…Ephesians 5:15-17 about being very careful and wise in how I live…and Matthew 11:28-29 where it talks about rest for my soul. OUCH! The first one I know I

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Rehearsing Thoughts – Bring It Home

March: Bring It Home – so I spent every Wednesday night in March hanging out with my kids at church. We had fun, but were also spiritually challenged. The main agenda wasn’t to simply have a church service with my

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Rehearsing Thoughts…Holiness

March: What is holiness – holiness really boils down to being like Jesus. If my life looks more like Jesus today than yesterday, then I am growing in holiness. It’s about running from sin, and running to God. Less to

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