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Margin Series Discussion notes Wk 3 – Finances

Here are the discussion notes for week 3 of our Margin series. Download Margin – Talk It Over – Week 3 

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7 Steps to Financial Peace

Wanted to re-post this from last year.  Thought it fit well with a message on financial margin.  Really encourage you to pick up Dave's stuff…7 Steps to find financial peace…where are you? Pay minimum on everything until you get $1000

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Financial Margin

Prepping for this week’s message at the Middlebury Campus on financial margin…ran across this thought from Craig Groeschel…great point… Proverbs 21:20 In the house of the wise are stores of choice food and oil, but a foolish man devours all

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Nathan Turney – Asia’s Little One’s Update

  Just received this update from Nathan Turney with Asia's Little One's if you are interested… Download 2010 Spring Newsletter (N & L Turney)

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Life’s Second Service

If only life had a second service.  Five years ago, when Pathway went to 2 services on Sunday morning, it meant a lot of changes…more volunteers, more energy needed for staff and worship team to make it through two services, more planning, more

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Margin Series Discussion Notes Wk 2 – Scheduling

Sunday, April 18, at the Middlebury Campus (April 25th at the EC) we’ll continue our message series called Margin.  I wonder if the best things in life don’t happen in the margin of life?  I’ve attached the Life Group/personal discussion

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One Prayer at Pathway in June

Talked with the Leadership Team last night about being a part of this One Prayer effort in June.  We'll be joining 657 other churches (as of today) to work through this thought – Christ's Church is UNSTOPPABLE!  It's going to

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