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Margin Series Discussion notes Wk 3 – Finances

Here are the discussion notes for week 3 of our Margin series. Download Margin – Talk It Over – Week 3 

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7 Steps to Financial Peace

Wanted to re-post this from last year.  Thought it fit well with a message on financial margin.  Really encourage you to pick up Dave's stuff…7 Steps to find financial peace…where are you? Pay minimum on everything until you get $1000

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Financial Margin

Prepping for this week’s message at the Middlebury Campus on financial margin…ran across this thought from Craig Groeschel…great point… Proverbs 21:20 In the house of the wise are stores of choice food and oil, but a foolish man devours all

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Nathan Turney – Asia’s Little One’s Update

  Just received this update from Nathan Turney with Asia's Little One's if you are interested… Download 2010 Spring Newsletter (N & L Turney)

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Life’s Second Service

If only life had a second service.  Five years ago, when Pathway went to 2 services on Sunday morning, it meant a lot of changes…more volunteers, more energy needed for staff and worship team to make it through two services, more planning, more

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Margin Series Discussion Notes Wk 2 – Scheduling

Sunday, April 18, at the Middlebury Campus (April 25th at the EC) we’ll continue our message series called Margin.  I wonder if the best things in life don’t happen in the margin of life?  I’ve attached the Life Group/personal discussion

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One Prayer at Pathway in June

Talked with the Leadership Team last night about being a part of this One Prayer effort in June.  We'll be joining 657 other churches (as of today) to work through this thought – Christ's Church is UNSTOPPABLE!  It's going to

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Just sit there for 5 minutes

Be still…just sit there for 5 minutes. Don’t think about anything but the Lord and all He has for you. Be still and remind yourself that He is God. Let him teach you what it means to find rest for

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NLI – Bill Howell’s Dad’s passing

William Howell, father of Bill Howell (who is one of our Strategic Missions Partners – NLI), went to be with Jesus this morning. He was 90 years old! William “Bill” would always come to Pathway with the Howell’s when they

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Hartung Video

Coming up in a few weeks, a Pathway (Middlebury Campus) family will be uprooting themselves for a month and headed to Cincinatti, OH.  Their son Carson will be having a very intesive surgery to remove his tracheotomy from his throat. 

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