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Am I pursuing God?

This one question keeps resonating in my heart today – am I waiting for God to come to me? Or am I pursuing Him? God says that if we come close to Him, He’ll come close to us (James 4).

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What does a fiery furnace look like?

This would be what a fiery furnace looks like made up of a group of Pathway dad's who are committed to bringing their faith home to their kids!  Good stuff!    

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227 S. Main St., Elkhart, On fire…

This picture is of 227 S. Main St., in Elkhart, on a cold blustery day in 1904. On this day, Main Street in downtown Elkhart was filled with people watching as the H.B. Sykes and Co. dry goods store lit

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Chevy or Ford

I ran across these on the internet as I was looking for a different illustration for my message at last night’s Middlebury Lenten Service… Chevy’s: – ashes to ashes, dust to dust, if it weren’t for chevy’s my tools would

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Can’t stop laughing?

Saw this on several blogs this past week (starting with the MMI blog).  This guy starts laughing at the not so best time!

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The Bridge Church Opens in Paris!

This past Sunday was the first Sunday for The Bridge Church in Paris. The Bridge is led by Pathway’s strategic mission’s partners, Robby and Tracy Bradford! 74 people were there! Read more here…

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Bring It Home – Stoll’s

This past Wednesday’s BIH went over with a bang! The Stoll family took the prize this week, eating a kid’s happy meal (coke, fries, nuggets) quicker than any of the other families. As you can see, Zane was still dealing

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