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Most Satanic Film Ever

Mark Driscoll made some really interesting comments on the Avatar movie recently. I haven't seen the movie yet, not really my kind of movie. What do you think? (thanks to Jeff Leake for the heads up on the video)

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Adult Tricycle

Someone at Pathway has a need for an Adult Tricycle…they have no other means of transportation given their physical challenges…does anyone have one out there they aren’t using? Would love to hook this guy up with some transportation. Let me

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What I’m reading…Inspired to Pray by Phil Pringle

Just dug into this book…written in short 2 page chapters/thoughts on prayer. Really a powerful shot in the arm to my prayer life. Would encourage any of you to get the book…

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5 pounds of chocolate

Now I’m not saying what this 5 pound Hershey’s candy bar (yes, I said 5 pounds of chocolate) is doing sitting on my desk right now…BUT…if I were you, and you were a parent with Pre-school to 5th grade age kids…I’d

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I am now, much to my chagrin, on Facebook. Let the record show that Scott Miller did in fact wait until the final moment of Facebook’s popularity (as I’m sure now that I have joined, it will start fading). Let

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Bring It Home Video

Trying to figure out a way to catch people's attention at tomorrow's service…want them to be a part of our Bring It Home night's in March…what to do, what to do…how about do an irish dance?  What do you think?

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EC at God’s Kitchen

Here are a couple of pictures of the Elkhart Campus in action as they served last night at God’s Kitchen in Elkhart…I love it…Serve There!

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Furnace Installed

This past Sunday at the Middlebury Campus, I presented the need of some folks we met at the Middlebury Food Pantry a few Saturday’s ago. They have been going through this winter with no furnace in their house…and their space

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If…My People

Kind of in a season of real deep searching for God’s heart as to how we can reach into our communities…how can we make greater impact for the Kingdom? Was reminded of the 2 Chronicles 7:14 promise we have of

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Hold My Mule

It was my freshman year in Bible College, and one of the Arkansas boys (from one of them there churches where they ran the isles and such) called a bunch of us into his dorm room to listen to this

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