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5 W’s of Observation

From Church 09 conference: Ed Stetzer…survey of 2500 protestants, all restudied a year later…the number one correlating factor to spiritual growth is that they spent time in God’s Word themselves…   Reveal study (survey input from over 157,000 congregants

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Hayden goes for Gold

I’ve been blessed with kids who go for the gold when they get sick. None of this sniffles that go away the next day…were talking flirting with a visit to the hospital sick every blessed time! Hayden (our 6 month

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I get nothing from Bible reading…

“I get nothing from Bible reading”…I’ve heard many people say this…and know a lot of people experience this…truthfully, even I have experienced it at certain seasons of life…why is that? Why is it that so many struggle with getting anything

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What I’m reading…The Unlikely Disciple

Just started reading this book called The Unlikely Disciple by Kevin Roose. Kevin went 'undercover' at Liberty University (the late Jerry Falwell's Baptist university), posing as a follower of Christ, wanting to learn more about a Christian culture that he

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Does God still do the miraculous?

Just last night, as we sat down to eat our chicken, sweet potato’s, broccoli, and rice like substance (can’t remember what it’s called…cous cous maybe?), we had a discussion with the girls about whether God still does the miraculous. Today,

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Got a Truck to Give?

The Lake Placid campgrounds, where our kids go for kids and youth camps, is in need of a pickup truck, with at least a 7 foot bed on it! Their 1978 Chevy just gave out on them (ah yes, another

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New Songs @ Pathway

We'll be introducing these 2 songs over the next few weeks in our Sunday services… New Doxology We Cry Out Happy Day

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Scott as a Methodist

Had a great time last Sunday taking part in the Middlebury pulpit exchange thing. I went to First United Methodist Church to speak…the most historic church in Middlebury. My observations: I was reminded of the fact that sometimes, in our

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Haiti – Chad’s home

Here’s a video of my brother in law, Chad McAtee, as he landed in Indy…

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Faith from George Mueller

I ran across this quote today in a commentary I was reading…think on it… Faith does not operate in the realm of the possible. There is no glory for God in that which is humanly possible. Faith begins where man’s

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