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God Use Me

Taking a minute on this last Monday of 2010 to think through a quote I read last week from Rick Warren. Rick (I call him Rick as if he’s a close friend) said the most dangerous prayer you can pray

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Bible & Thieves

Some days, when I’m studying, I like to get as far away from everything as possible. Get away from any possible distractions so that I can hear clearly what God is leading me to share. On other days, I find

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Francis Chan @ Catalyst

Today in staff mtng, we watched Francis Chan’s talk from the 2010 Catalyst Conference. Wow. Good. Challenging. Thought provoking. I’ve never attended this conference live, but for the past few years, I’ve attended via the economically challenged man’s way –

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Middlebury’s Week of Prayer January 16-23

Just an FYI…avail yourself as you can…

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Pass it Forward Video

Pass it Forward video from yesterday…Thanks to all of you Pathway people who served with Crystal Valley this weekend!    

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P2L is coming in 2011

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Christ-Likeness: Preference or Passion?

Warning: Long post ahead…but it felt good to get it on paper…or should I say type… I keep thinking about this quote from Pastor John Lindell – “For many people, Christ-likeness is a preference, not a passion.” I was sick

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Atheists Don’t Have No Songs

Steve Martin in a funny video…just as the post title says – Athiests don't have no songs!  

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Get Real at…ND

OK…humor me here.  As we go into 2011, look for opportunities to wear your green "Get Real" shirts (Get Real obviously representing our Real Life, Real God, Real World purpose statement).  While you are serving in some capacity, wear the

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Christmas in the Food court

Can't help it…I love this stuff…  

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