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Covenant Eyes on iPhone and iPod Touch

CE has just announced that their accountability software is now available for the iPhone and iPod Touch (fyi – it’s already available for any windows mobile phone, such as my marvelously stocked HTC TouchPro 2). Can’t speak highly enough of

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Fasting tips

Here are some more great thoughts on fasting if you are interested… From my wife Megan: Fasting should never bring condemnation.  God does not work in condemnation.  Satan does as often as he can.  You are not some kind-of Christian

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Ahhh…Christmas Treats…

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$399 Chocolate Santa

I ran across this find whilst on my annual track for stocking gifts on Christmas Eve. You could buy this huge chunk of a chocolate Santa for a mere $399 from the South Bend Chocolate Company. You think someone would

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Esther – a young life changed

The picture above is Nathan Turney (one of Pathway’s missionaries who leads Asia’s Little One’s) and Esther. Esther was abandoned by her parents, and her grandmother was caught by the police trying to sell her in a local market. Nathan

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The Sing-Off?

Just want to throw this out there…did anyone else follow the whole The Sing-Off show on NBC? I was pulling for the Lee University Voices of Lee…but they ended up in third, of course. If you want to lose, be

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The Living Nativity

Several of you have asked about the video I showed at the end of my message today…here’s the link to watch it again…click on “watch preview”…

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