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2000 pies in 2 days

A piece of useless information for you folks…I have it from a reliable source that the Essenhaus sold around 2000 pies last Tuesday and Wednesday (before Thanksgiving)… How many calories do you think that is?

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The answer “b/c God says to” got to be a bit of a joke as we were discussing some of these ‘why’ questions at our LT Retreat…but…it is the correct answer for every one of these! Including missions! Acts 1:8

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Naming Your Year in Reverse

Great post from Jeff Leake on naming your year in reverse…worth the 2 minutes to read, and whatever time you might give to thinking on it!

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The smells and sounds of Thanksgiving and Christmas

I love this time of the year…absolutely love it. Today, I’ve been working out of my basement (which by the way is immaculate in preparation for my sister Jacquie and her family who are coming into town…why is it the

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Why…Kids and Youth/Student Ministry?

Wow…I could tell you where we’ve been…or I could tell you where we’re going! I really don’t like the idea of Scott and Megan Miller, dropping their kids off at Pathopolis (Pathway Kids Ministry) on Sunday mornings, or 365 (227

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Saturday Night Audible

I called an audible Saturday night…I worked all week on a message for the Middlebury campus on Faithfulness for the 22nd (will be at Elkhart campus on 29th). Early in the week, I felt drawn to the story of Jonah…but

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One thing worse than being a Chicago Bears fan…

The one thing worse than being a Bears fan on Monday morning, November 23rd is…being a Cleveland Browns fan (who got beat by the Lions yesterday).

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One thing worse than being a Notre Dame fan…

I’ve decided that there is only one thing worse than being a Notre Dame fan on November 21, 2009…that would be being a Michigan fan…

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Why…Weekend Services?

The Biblical evidence of believers mtng weekly is evident, so that is a bit of a no brainer. Beyond that, why do we do what we do on Sunday’s? Let me see if I can bring you in on that…

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Yesterday, I group of us spent 4 hours discussing and re-discussing how we are doing in the area of organic and mechanical discipleship. I left that mtng being completely encouraged by the future of our Life Group ministry as it

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