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Single Parenting

I ran across this article the other day on single parenting from Focus on the Family. Thought it might be helpful…

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Big Spiritedness

One true description of church life is that at times we’ve been too narrow-minded. Not necessarily theologically, but experientially. For example, we may preach the Gospel is for all, but experientially, sometimes we limit it to people like us only.

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Say the color, not the word

Try it…

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Conflict brings Growth

Just read this over at Tim Stevens blog: Change. Conflict. Growth. That’s the sequence. Many people won’t change. Or they do change and then stop at the conflict, and they never experience the growth. – Ed Young at the Story

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Mocking faith or Having Fun?

What do you make of the U of Minnesota mascot's actions a week ago…

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New fangled swirly light bulbs/strobe light

So I recently bought a 3 pack of these funny looking light bulbs…the 9 year life length won me over…not to mention the thought of saving the earth, whales, and the Earth’s outer crust. BUT…when we turn the thing on,

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God’s presence – is it really all we need?

I was listening to a message from Paul Scanlon today, and something he said really sunk in…in essence, this is his thoughts, with mine mixed in: I’ve grown up in the charismatic/Pentecostal circles, and am very glad for this! I’m

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Want her to pray for you?

Have you seen this video floating around there in blog-land?  Would you like Hannah to pray for you the next time you have a need???

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EC Students

Heard that they had 16 students at the launch of our Elkhart Campus student ministries this past Wednesday night! How about that…

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Elkhart Campus Pics from Oct 18th

This is what it looked like!

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