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What I’ve been reading…Pistol – The Life of Pete Maravich

As with most vacations, I chose a biography to dig into. Wasn't sure I'd finish it given the busyness with Hayden, but I made it. I never really knew who 'Pistol Pete' Maravich was until after he died (he passed

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Update on Megan & Hayden

All is well with both. Really strange how much one pound makes a difference in babies. Both Ashton & Tate were 7lbs 4 ounces or something like that at birth, and Hayden is around 6lbs 4 ounces right now (at

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What I’ve been reading…Living in the Spirit by George Wood

Just finished reading a book entitled Living in the Spirit by George Wood. Thoughts: Interesting to read his personal experience with the Gift of the Holy Spirit. P. 24 He talks about the 4th stage of Jesus' disciples – revelation

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View Over Middlebury

Middlebury had an odd rain shower/sun spot hit it simultaneously tonight (Saturday).  It caused there to be one of the most amazing rainbows I've ever seen.  One of my neighbors suggested it ended in my back yard…nope…not unless the pot

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Dancing Wedding Party

Ok…the holiness tradition in me says this is sacriligious (we only dance if it's 'in the spirit')… The lighter side of me thinks there's just something right about the joy exhibited through this dance…(and makes me wish I had further

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What were we thinking…

You’ve all been there…stop being so high and mighty…last night, we had one of those “what were we thinking” moments. Don’t get me wrong, having a baby was a God thing, really. I cannot tell you how excited I am

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Disturb Me…again…and again…

Disturb me…it’s a message I shared a few weeks ago, and it’s still disturbing me. I’ll tell you what has disturbed me this past week…the person who I saw jogging as I was driving home from church last Sunday. How

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I can’t believe I didn’t snap a picture from tonight’s visit of all 3 of my older sisters (I am the baby). I was able to grab the picture below off of some video I took. I love my sisters

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7 Baby Steps to Financial Peace

In my non-taking-care-of Megan or Hayden time this week, I've been re-reading Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace book. 7 Baby Steps to follow…where are you? Pay minimum on everything until you get $1000 in savings. (rainy day fund) Debt snowball –

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Me and My Big Mouth

Was praying through Ephesians 4:29 today, and thought through the message from Sunday on Me and My Big Mouth. Quick Reminder of the THINK acrostic (from Rick Warren)…before you say it, ask yourself: T – is it Truthful? H –

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