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Coming Near

Coming near to God involves prayer and Scripture study…but even more than that, it involves action. I can pray the prayer all day, asking God to come near as I am coming near to him…but the “proof is in the

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Update on Megan

Here’s the scoop…Megan has reached the 36 week mark, so the doc says to go off the meds (which were slowing down any contractions) and off of bed rest! How about those apple’s…thanks to everyone who’s prayed with us for

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Praying Scripture

I took a hiatus from our Everyday Faith series yesterday to talk about praying Scripture. What would it look like if we combined our Scripture reading with prayer? Not only ‘standing on the promises’ of Scripture, but allowing the Holy

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Heaven was opened

Get a picture of what happens when you and I come near to God…when we call on Him through prayer…Heaven opens. That just hit me a minute ago… Luke 3:21 When all the people were being baptized, Jesus was baptized

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Fasting – Journal

Something else that I find causes any time of fasting to have longer effect is to journal anything and everything throughout the day. Write down what the Holy Spirit spoke to you through Scripture. Log any kind of things you

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Fasting – Drink and keep drinking

Just thought I'd take a minute to encourage those of you who are fasting today…one of the biggest challenges of fasting for me is that I'm not eating! (duh!) To try to get past the struggle with my appetite for

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Church Open

Hey Pathway…fyi…the church is open until 4pm today if you’d like to stop by to pray…press in…Come Near to God, and He’ll come near to you…

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June 24th Come Near Prayer

As I was praying last night while walking (and sweating b/c it was so hot…and getting my arm yanked off by Daisy the Dog) I really felt like the HS gave me some marching orders for tomorrow’s (Wednesday) fasting and prayer

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Monday in Elkhart

Monday in Elkhart from Scott Miller on Vimeo.

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Pathway Worship

I was standing there worshiping in the middle of 1st service today, and the Holy Spirit struck me with a thought…I went to 1 Samuel 16:23…David was playing his harp before Saul, who was afflicted with an evil spirit…here’s what

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