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Middlebury Food Pantry Needs

Hey guys…just got an email from Pam, who oversees the Middlebury Food Pantry…if you can help, drop these items off at the food Pantry (First Mennonite Church here in Middlebury), or bring them to Pathway and we’ll see they receive

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Catapult: any one of a number of non-handheld mechanical devices used to throw a projectile a great distance without the aid of an explosive substance. (thanks to Wikipedia) More info on this over the next few weeks…don’t you wish you

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Megan’s Message

Just spent some time listening to Megan go over her message on parental discipline for tomorrow…is going to be powerful…don’t miss it!

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Pathway Strategic Missionaries

Just had a conversation via Skype video with Bill Howell…Bill and Linda are one of Pathway’s strategic missions partners. They serve with Next Level International. These guys are a little different (a good different…at least Linda is a good different…Bill

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What I’ve read…Servolution by Dino Rizzo

Great book. Very easy and quick read. For those of you from Pathway – Servolution = Serve Here Serve There. I completely see everything Dino says in this book about how his church has impacted their city, and the world,

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Wednesday Laugh

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Thoughts for Jon and Kate

Give it up…throw in the towel on the show…walk away from the show…walk away from the money and your “career”…and focus on your marriage…every marriage (mine, yours, all of us) has it’s hard seasons – you are in one…tell TLC

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Keith’s last Monday night

The 365 staff did a great job of throwing a goodbye party for Keith and Lacei last night…one of the gifts was a heaping, and I mean heaping, pile of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Reese’s Pieces…

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Gino’s East in Mishawaka!

I just heard the most amazing food news…even greater than Red Robin coming to Mishawaka (which I’ve been to twice now…the first time was a little rough around the edges, but the second time was fine…still think Fuddruckers has the

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Pathway Elkhart – Serving There

Pictures from this past weekends serving opportunity for the Elkhart Campus at the Two Rivers Meet Race…Good Stuff!

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