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Town Hall For Hope – Video

FYI…Town Hall For Hope is now available online and DVD. You can get a hold of it here…

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Exponential – Discipleship

One last thought from the Exponential conference I was at last week, from Matt Chandler. He had an interesting session on discipleship… Main thoughts from the session – The Church’s end goal is disciples (who observe what Christ commands), not

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Elkhart Campus, LG Leaders Retreat, and Just Pray

It’s the end of a Wednesday for me… Spent the majority of my day today with Jason (the fearless Elkhart Campus pastor) focusing on Elkhart Campus stuff…mtng…talking…trying to think about not only what ministry looks like in Elkhart, but what

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Fly over NY City by Air Force One

Can you believe this unannounced fly over in New York City by Air Force One (without the president of course), for a stinking photo op? There are mistakes people make that you kind of shake your head at, and think

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Monday Highlights

Hand signing about 170 letters going out to all you amazing Pathway givers…(quarterly giving report)…I don’t mind those hand cramps…your faithfulness to “Bring It” to God floors me… Lunch with our Elkhart Campus Pastor (Jason Brooks) and GCC’s Elkhart Campus

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Exponential – Fancis Chan

One of the most amazing sessions of the whole conference was the very last one…speaker – Francis Chan. Really, I’m still in shock.  This may be pushing it too far, but it’s like most (not all) A/G conferences tend to

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Exponential – The A-Team

In one of the sessions, Shawn Lovejoy, talked about choosing staff (paid and volunteer). I thought this might be good for all of us, in marketplace or church leadership. Would you add any to this list? How to Pick an

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Exponential – 3 Lines

Craig Groeschel’s session was out of the park, as he usually is. His emphasis on the Holy Spirit empowering you oozes out of him! Here’s the top thing I walked away from his session with…it was his thoughts on 3

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Exponential – America’s Impact on Korea

Part of the thrust of this conference was to see/talk about not only what God is doing here in the US, but what is he doing around the world in church planting. I don’t know if you’ve followed anything that

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Exponential – Erwin McManus

I’ve spent the last few days at what was billed as the largest church planting conference in the history of the US…how about those apples. I’d like to share a few thoughts from the conference, as well as from the

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