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Your Core

I've been thinking for several weeks now about this thought – what is at the core of the life of a genuine Christ folower?  I put together this little sketchcast thing (sorry the volume level stinks)…

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What do you have?

This is a shot of the altar area during one of our services this past Sunday. The thrust of the message was how God’s not looking for the next Christian superstar. There is no American Idol for Christianity! God asked

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Vision Thoughts – Bill Hybels Axiom

I’ve been slowly reading through a great book by Bill Hybels called Axiom – Powerful Leadership Proverbs. Hybels defines vision this way: Picture of the future that produces passion in people. (p. 30) I know many of you reading this

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Sign Nazi

Have you seen this from the other night?  The Security dude rips the John 3:16 sign out of the guy's hand… (thanks to Paul Grabill)

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Opportunity – from a man’s rib?

Every once and a while I’ll come across a quote that just downright tells it like it is. In preparing for last week, and this week’s messages, I ran across this quote from Thomas Edison on Opportunity… Opportunity is missed

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Town Hall For Hope – Dave Ramsey

Fyi…Pathway will be a host site on Thursday, April 23rd, for Dave Ramsey's Town Hall For Hope live video simulcast.  More info to come…2 minute video below will explain more…

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Seize the Opportunity

I love hearing how one of our Sunday messages impacted you…or how the Holy Spirit used a message to speak to you.  Monday, I received an email from Pathway person Michelle Oliver.  I asked her if I could share a

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The Roof, The Roof, The Roof Is On Fire

How horrible to see the northern Indiana favorite restaurant, the Essenhaus, on fire last night! Figure the odds! Can you imagine a world without whoopee pies? Amish peanut butter? Roll’s with delicious sweet white cream inside, frosted with a maple

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No thanks Jesus…

Do you ever wonder if Jesus had asked other people to be his original disciples (around the same time as the ask went out to the original 12) and they said no? Maybe the 12 could have been 15? (I’m

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Boy in the Striped Pajamas

B/c of the wide gap of personal convictions on movies, I rarely recommend a movie to anyone. Breaking with my rule, I will recommend that all of you take in the “Boy in the Striped Pajamas.” A powerful movie about

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