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Getting old…

Yesterday, our 5 year old lost her first tooth (more like, her mom yanked it out of her mouth…but it was hanging by a thread). Our now 10 year old got her ears pierced (we saved this event for a

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365 Baptism

This video was put together with footage from our baptism night at Pathway's 365 Student Ministries a couple of Months ago.  What a great night…

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A Pair of Dockers

Megan and I had just moved back to Middlebury to start a church. Part of the deal in following God’s plan is that you sell out to his provision. Some people never make it to God’s perfect plan simply b/c

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What I’ve read…Hellfire: The Jerry Lee Lewis Story by Nick Tosches

About 6 years ago, I was at a conference sponsored by Granger Community Church, and their Sr. Pastor Mark Beeson, said something that I still remember today. Speaking to a room full of pastors, he said, “get a stranglehold on

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Missions…Maybe Later

Opportunity…that's what we are looking at right now when it comes to giving towards home and foreign missions.  This past Sunday, we had a huge chunk of our church take a step of faith, and commit to give to reach

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Measure of Spiritual Maturity

I’ve been reading Jim Cymbala’s new book, You Were Made For More, off and on for the past few months. I just read a quote I’ve got to share… The only measure of our vertical relationship with God is the

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Do something, anything…

Can I encourage you again with this thought…Faith is not always standing still! Sometimes, it may be…but I’m convinced more times, God is waiting for us to make a move. We’re busy standing around, saying we’re just ‘waiting on the

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Great Day

Thoughts on the day: Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…I love the snow! We had a great day of services at Pathway today…finished up our Give me your eyes series…eyes of faith… The annual business mtng following

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Things heard while people watching

Most odd thing heard while strolling as a family through the mall this evening: Young 20 something gal to other young 20 something gal – “Girl, I thought you were still in Jail!” Second most odd thing heard while strolling

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Pathway’s Wes Gorsuch in the news

Check out this article about Goshen Health Systems (aka the hospital in Goshen), including video and a quote from Pathway’s Wes Gorsuch! Wes oozes a servant’s heart…good stuff! Direct video link here…

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