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Accosted by Barry the Barge Boy (Triple-B)

Warning – long past ahead…but it might be worth reading…you decide… It all started whilst waiting in line at an amusement park with my girls the other day. I got in a conversation with a rather talkative New Orleans barge

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Cards by 7

For the record, I’m pulling for the Cardinals by 7 over the Steelers… (I like Kurt Warner…not in a man crush kind of way…but as a player and man of God)

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New Campus = New Life

I know I’m supposed to be having down time right now, but someone needs to tell the Holy Spirit…I keep getting all of these thoughts that I just journal and save, to think further through later on. BUT, I’ve already

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The Up

I just found out today that Disney/Pixar has made a new film (coming out May 29, 2009) using the name of our new 1st-5th grade class – the UP. I’m going to have my lawyer talk to their lawyer, as

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President Obama Reverses Abortion-Funding Policy

In a month when we are supposed to be celebrating the sanctity of human life, I find this action, and article, nauseating…

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What I’m Reading…Peace to War by Paul Alexander

About a year ago, one of my Anabaptist friends (the Mennonites and Church of the Brethren are a part of that group) chided me on how the fellowship I’m a part of (the Assemblies of God – A/G) used to

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Due to a little season of rest I’m in here, I’m turning automatic commenting off for a week or two here. You can still leave comments, I just won’t look at them or post them until early February. (doesn’t that

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