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Accosted by Barry the Barge Boy (Triple-B)

Warning – long past ahead…but it might be worth reading…you decide… It all started whilst waiting in line at an amusement park with my girls the other day. I got in a conversation with a rather talkative New Orleans barge

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Cards by 7

For the record, I’m pulling for the Cardinals by 7 over the Steelers… (I like Kurt Warner…not in a man crush kind of way…but as a player and man of God)

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New Campus = New Life

I know I’m supposed to be having down time right now, but someone needs to tell the Holy Spirit…I keep getting all of these thoughts that I just journal and save, to think further through later on. BUT, I’ve already

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The Up

I just found out today that Disney/Pixar has made a new film (coming out May 29, 2009) using the name of our new 1st-5th grade class – the UP. I’m going to have my lawyer talk to their lawyer, as

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President Obama Reverses Abortion-Funding Policy

In a month when we are supposed to be celebrating the sanctity of human life, I find this action, and article, nauseating…

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What I’m Reading…Peace to War by Paul Alexander

About a year ago, one of my Anabaptist friends (the Mennonites and Church of the Brethren are a part of that group) chided me on how the fellowship I’m a part of (the Assemblies of God – A/G) used to

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Due to a little season of rest I’m in here, I’m turning automatic commenting off for a week or two here. You can still leave comments, I just won’t look at them or post them until early February. (doesn’t that

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God of this City

In light of this weeks prayer events here in Middlebury, take 5 minutes to listen to this…

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Coming in February…Give Me Your Eyes

Mere days before Jesus died, Luke 19 says he approached Jerusalem, and cried. He wept over it. We all know the shortest verse in the Bible, "Jesus wept," but this was different. No one died. No one was sick and

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Middlebury Prays 24/7 Update

Just went out to fill my slot for prayer at the Café Crossing (along with a load of you)! It really is exciting guys. Yesterday, all over Middlebury, churches traded pastors…this week, churches from all over Middlebury, come together to

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