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Snapped this picture with my phone last night. Megan and I hosted our pastor’s small group in Pathway’s café. We talked church, politics, Bruno’s Pizza, and Wii. We laughed so hard at one point, we cried. I’d been playing so

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Bigger: Playing Hurt Part 2

Playing hurt is not an option for 2009. I’m not a prophet of doom and gloom, but there are going to be challenges/trials in 2009 that will try to take you out. Like King Nebechenezer’s decree in Daniel 3, these

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It’s the Snuggie – The blanket with sleeves…

Does anyone else laugh until you almost wet yourself when you see this advertisement?

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Bigger: Playing Hurt

I shared a message this past Sunday (first part of our Bigger series) that may have been one of the top 5 messages (in terms of timeliness) that have ever been shared at Pathway. I can’t remember a time when

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Best Presents of 2008

Ok…what was your greatest present for 2008??? Mine? 3 letters…W-i-i!!! (thanks to the inlaws…I’m loving it…I mean, the kids are loving it…hah!) Of course, Daisy the dog was an early Christmas gift for the family…although I wasn’t sure how much

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I don’t respect people who don’t proselytize…

As you know, I follow a couple of blogs from different people over the course of a week.  Jeff Leake posted this…really made me think… I found this video very interesting.  Penn Jillette from the comedy team of Penn +

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The Week Before Christmas…and other Sewage Tales

What most of you didn’t know was how close we were to having to find another venue for our Christmas service this past Sunday! You see, on Thursday, Dec. 18th, a certain vital piece of equipment decided to give out

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17…Now 18 Kids and Counting for the Duggars…

I don't really care what your thought is on the Duggar family (and I would assume, neither would they!)…I've watched a couple of their shows on TLC over the past few months.  They just had another baby, which makes a

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Sunday Night Thoughts

It is cold…like -4 degrees cold… 5 people gave their lives to Christ this weekend…GOOD STUFF! Did you know our services almost didn’t happen at our facility today? More on that in a post tomorrow… Our worship team did a

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I remember when…

You had to flip the license plate down on my mom’s car in order to fill it with gas. They would hand out a small blue box (the same looking box every year) full of candy to all of the

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