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I’ve been studying the story of Gideon in the book of Judges all week (Judges 6-8). Have some time and desire to dig deeper in the Word? Join me…share with me what you see in the story…email or comment… Right

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How’d the Skype thing go?

For those outside of Pathway…I would say the whole 5-10 minute Skype interview with Johnny Ropple went amazingly smooth from a technical standpoint (I say technical standpoint b/c it’s Johnny Ropple…as far as a non-technical, ‘content’ standpoint, you’ve got to

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Miracle by Subtraction

You ever feel like God is setting you up for a miracle? The kind of miracle that blaringly points out that this really shouldn’t have happened like this, BUT GOD! BUT GOD blessed it, and blessed your faith, which caused

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Presidential Blah’s – Who do I vote for?

Tuesday greetings to you…my brain is feeling kind of clogged recently. I think I need to have a brain rotor-rooter or something. Why is it that I feel so blah about the whole Presidential race? Are any of you feeling

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Economic Situation

I couldn’t have said it any better…take a minute to read through Ron Johnson’s thoughts on the current economic situation (thanks to Jeff Leake for the heads up): The past few weeks we have seen unbelievable developments as the economy

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Rain in October

The only thing good about rainy, dreary days in October, is the joy of knowing that in just a month or two this rain will be SNOW!!!! LET’S HEAR IT FOR NORTHERN INDIANA LAKE EFFECT SNOW…WAHOO!!!

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This Sunday: James, Skype interview with Johnny Ropple

What a week…busy week…good week…productive week… Heading back to James 4 on Sunday…Dealing with the whole – Why do we have quarrels and fighting? Spring boarding off of last week… This Sunday, we are going to do a Skype interview

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Amo’s against the Engo’s

One of my kids have made the decision to be involved in a real sport my friends…none of this soccer shmocker stuff…I’m talking dribbling a ball down the court and throwing it through a steel hoop…now that is a sport

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PMS, Missionaries, and Nose Hairs

That’s what I have on Saturday’s and Monday’s…Pre-ministry syndrome and Post-ministry syndrome. Typically on Monday mornings I have 10% brain function for most of the day…but not today! This had to be one of my most productive Monday mornings in

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Here We Go Celebration/Funny video

3 years ago, we put this video together for our celebration Sunday of our campaign.  Video footage includes the Sunday of our spontaneous baptism (where I shared my message whilst being soaking wet), other baptism shots, various Pathway service shots…the

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