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SHST – 3 Actions

3 There are three actions the Holy Spirit stirred us to take on this fall in the area of serving: 1)    Teaming up with Chaplain Jim Bontrager and the Officer Appreciation Day to serve a load of police officers and their

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Just Pray this week

Spent about 5 minutes last night at our 365 Student Ministries service, talking about prayer. Took this picture of them with my cell phone while they were worshiping/praying…good stuff! Wednesday night…Just Pray…at Pathway, 7pm…if you are anywhere near Middlebury, IN,

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Pathway Building in 2003

Check out these pictures from the earlier days of Pathway’s Building… Stage before carpet… This was the night before our first service in the new building. The carpet was supposed to be installed before our first service, but it didn’t

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Middlebury ARMS info

Here’s the ARMS information if you missed it this morning…Serve There! ARMS (Adults Reaching Middlebury Students) Contact information: Phone     574-822-5397 E-mail Web      

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The Amazing Race 13…Game On

One of my favorite reality shows is back on the air…The Amazing Race 13! Yahoo! Anyone else following the show? My early pick to win…Mark and Bill… My most fun to watch…the goofy frat boys…Andrew and Dan…

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Media Talking Heads

Friday is like your Saturday for me…it’s my day off. This morning, I sat down with my weekly cup of coffee, the Elkhart Truth, a small bowl of Captain Crunch, and turned on the talking head news channels. What I

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Pathway Fast next week…

We are moving into a time as a church where I feel like we need a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit – starting new Life Groups, starting new churches, starting new things in Pathopolis, taking on new initiatives to

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Serve Here Opportunities

I thought I'd re-post this old post for those of you who are connected with Pathway…take a minute to read through these, and let the Holy Spirit draw you to a serving opportunity here and there! – Scott We've been

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Blogging belated birthday

How about that…I’ve been blogging now for more than a year! Re-live the first few posts with me friends…

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Discernment: Have We Learned Anything? Part 2

Warning – long post ahead, but hopefully worth your read I didn’t mean for there to be such a distance between my first post on discernment, and this follow up. Megan reminded me of a Bible story that sounds a

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