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My Kind of Town, Chicago is…

Megan, the girls, and I spent the day in Chicago yesterday. I don’t know what it is about Chicago, but I absolutely love it. It charges up and relaxes me when I go downtown and walk around. One of my

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Missionaries to Jamaica

This Sunday, Stuart and Wendy Brown will be in service with us. They currently serve as Directors of the City of Refuge Children’s Home in Christiana. You can get a preview of their ministry here at their blog site. Good

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Prophetic Awareness Soap

Tomorrow’s my birthday…34 years young…how about that. Republican Presidential person, John McCain, celebrates a birthday on the same day you know. Really hoping somebody will give me this for my birthday. It’s really all I’ve ever wanted and more (along

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3 Million Lottery ticket given to church

Jason Brooks just sent me this link. A person who attends True North Community Church (Port Jefferson, New York) handed over a lottery ticket to their pastor worth 3 million dollars. I’ve often wondered what the correct approach to something

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Just Pray…Holy Spirit Stuff!

It’s 11:00pm Wednesday night…got home about an hour and a half ago from our Just Pray event.  Wow…I know I say this after most every Just Pray event we have, but that was amazing.  The way the Holy Spirit seamlessly

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Leadership thoughts from Brian Houston (via Perry Noble)

Ran across this blog post today from Perry Noble…who met with Brian Houston (Hillsong Church)…great leadership thoughts from Brian for anyone involved in church leadership…

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Giving up yourself to Him

It was at the end of the 1st service yesterday that I felt the Holy Spirit speak to my heart about the key to walk in the “spirit of power” that Paul talks about in 2 Timothy 1:7…at least the

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Gone to Indy…Home from Indy

Can’t wait to share with Pathway tomorrow what God did this week for Megan’s grandfather (and my pastor), Lewis Clifton. You ever pray the prayer for someone that “when the doctor takes you in for surgery they wouldn’t need to

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Nothing like an afternoon at the Circus

Spent the afternoon out at the Kelly Miller Circus here in Middlebury. I couldn’t help but to think at any minute Nels Olsen (of Little House on the Prairie) was going to step out as the ringmaster (episode 89). Do

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Michael Guglielmucci…not sick?

A few weeks ago I made this post about Mike Guglielmucci. I have no desire to start a debate or discussion on this, but it looks as if even Mike’s own family has been fooled. He is not sick…article here.

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